"I am over the moon with my website.
Made with iJoomla components including News Portal, iJoomla SEO, Ad Agency, and Speed Test.
I now have a website that is taking on our local newspaper and beating it.
More people rely on my website for news than read the local newspaper.
Soon the newspaper will put a paywall on their website giving me even more readers.
My business is a one man band and returning a very healthy profit where a side banner costs NZ$1,000 + Tax.
I currently have nearly 100 advertisers.
Merav, Alin and the team have been vitally important giving 100% support and more! They still answer questions years after I purchased items.
Now is the time to purchase some of these wonderful items and make yourself a wealthy person.
I guarantee that, with a minimum of work, iJoomla will make you heaps of money as it has for me.
See my website at www.hawkesbay.co.nz"

"What I like about Ad Agency is the simplicity in installation, and management; ease of use by users; I opened several support tickets and I must say that the pre and post sales service is superb in my opinion is the only viable product in adv joomla."

"I have been using Ad Agency for over 2 years for a big site. I chose AdAgency because it was the only really full featured ad system for Joomla. In version 1 we had to do a lot of hacking in order to it running more automatically. Version 1 had many obstacles for the ad clients and we had a real setback in our earnings when changing from a very old ASP system to Joomla and Ad Agency.

But by the new version (version 2) Ad Agency got a lot better. The videos are very informative for us admins and the frontend is getting more intuitive for the ad clients too. After the installation of the new version I just had to do some few re-hacking in order to get it working as I would like it to.

Ad Agency is getting more and more flexible. Merav is doing a fine job among demanding webmasters and developers that perhaps should be a bite closer connected into the community debates. It is really hard explaining technical terms to a non-technical person so I hope to see the developers more in the debates in the future. 

Otherwise when I in version 1 experienced errors I got relatively quickly and relatively good support from the developers via the ticket system.

I have reported many ideas and bugfixes that I would like to be a part of future versions. What I reported 1-2 years ago are mostly implemented now and I am now enjoying using Ad Agency and looking forward to what new versions will include of the posted suggestions from many users.

I must bring a warning to webmasters with sites that have more than one template and where Ad Agency’s frontend administration is set up (in the menu manager) to be used on a template that is NOT the default template. I think that Ad Agency has not been tested on a Joomla installation where Ad Agency (frontend admin) was using a non-default template. The ItemID-value is only used in 10% of all links, form-submits, buttons, redirects etc and therefore you “loose” your template and all modules in it when clicking on something where the ItemID-value was not used. 

This bug has been there since the beginning and it is not on the radar screen of Merav and Co. Anyone that opens the source code can see that ItemID value is mostly not used (even in version 2). But with at bite of hacking the ItemID value was inserted in the most important files and we could use it.

Ad Agency is very cheap compared to other ad system (not for Joomla) and because of this I think there is not much money for the developers to develop the new things. I would gladly pay more – for example for new versions if I was getting more new features and a more tested and bugfixed system.

I am giving Ad Agency 5 stars because Ad Agency is the best full featured ad system for Joomla and it is getting better by each version."

"I have worked with Openx the last two years, but with each new version the perfomance down.

I have tried is better than Openx. The perfomance in server is better. And you can sell directly CPM,CPC and time based Campaigns to your advertisers.


‎":) AdAgency is one of the best components I have ever used. I can't wait to see how it's going to be like once Joomla 1.6 is released! Keep up the good work."

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