Version 6.0.2

  • Added some visual cosmetics on front end
  • Fixed an issue with reports for AdSocial ads type

Version 6.0.1

  • Fixed some issues with Flash Ad Type
  • Fixed a css issue with Socialize template

version 6.0.0

  • Added JomSocial Stream Ads type
  • Redesigned the Frontend:
    - Removed Bootstrap
    - UIKit based design
  • Fixed issues with PayPal payment
  • Fixed issues with pagination on reports page
  • Fixed issues with Reports

Version 5.1.5

  • Fixed the way that stats are recorded, they used to create long logs with users data that break database stats table

Version 5.1.4

  • Added "IP Blacklist" under Manager tab in admin
  • Added limitation in AJAX requests on database
  • Added "Default Ad" for rotating zones.

Version 5.1.3

  • Fixed some issues with remote module - doesn't record clicks and impressions. IMPORTANT: if you use remote module, you should go in all active zones, take new remote code and replace over existing ones on your remote sites. Also, be sure you install new remote module on Joomla! remote sites (5.0.1 version).
  • Fixed some issues in reports, not all the clicks and impressions were shown.
  • Fixed some notices in component.
  • Fixed province select drop down when adding an user.
  • Modified Australian states (only new fresh install) as per wiki.

Version 5.1.2

  • Fixed: one issue when pay with PayPal
  • Fixed: Warning: Illegal string offset 'ip_address' error

Version 5.1.1

  • Fixed: migrating script loose some data on big databases.
  • Fixed: social targeting doesn't work on rotating ads;
  • Fixed: "paste" text with mouse won't work for adtext ads type;
  • Fixed: remote ads broke page layout
  • Fixed: message box appear when user come back to site from a target URL;
  • Fixed: 'E_ERROR: Call to undefined method adagencyModeladagencyReports::rotator()';
  • Fixed: open in new window bug when create ad in front end

Version 5.1.0

  • Added: Improvements for the Reports system on the backend and frontend
    • Reports broken down by: Summary, Advertisers, Campaigns
    • Graphs
    • Summaries
    • Exporting statistics
  • Fixed: Duplicated language strings in language file.
  • Fixed: Logout button position on toolbar improved.
  • Fixed: Warning message when adding image to an ad.
  • Fixed: Missing ‘Next’ button after adding a zone.
  • Fixed: Wrong publish date for ads.


Version 5.0.7

  • Fixed some notices in zone module.
  • Fixed some front end slowness issues due to Geo Targeting;
  • Fixed a Geo Targeting conflict that caused blank pages;
  • Fixed a bug when image uploading caused the form to submit in Text Ads, Standard Ads, PopUp Ads and Flash Ads.
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