New Feature

  • Access level for Ad packages
  • HTML5 Ad support


  • Daily List Result in Reports - Overview page
  • Support for multiple URLs in affiliate ads

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed some issue in Zone module
  • JavaScript to pop up ads
  • Fixed some issues in Zone modul
  • Fixed some issues in Geo-targeting settings

Version 6.0.19

  • Fixed bug: in some instances, ads module pull out wrong date from database and delay the ad display

Version 6.0.18

  • Improvement – Mobile or Desktop ad version.
  • Bug Fix – fixed some issues with impressions count

Version 6.0.17

  • Improvement: consent form checkbox added in registration form;

Version 6.0.16

  • Enhancement: PayFast payment plugin support. New AdAgency package will install the new payment plugin.

Version 6.0.15

  • Bug fixed: release and end date for ads, campaigns was different then the server data so there was a delay in campaigns/ads release.

Version 6.0.13

  • Feature added: AdBlocker warning message. Custom warning messages from the back end settings.

Version 6.0.12

  • Calendar changes: data picker changes as per Joomla! 3.7

Version 6.0.11

  • Fixed Bug: can not save the HTML body for TEXT ad
  • Fixed some issues for URL Itemid when upload the ad image
  • Changes for language variables
  • Fixed Bug: even if JomSocial extension was not installed, I can see the geo location options when add a new ad
  • Fixed Bug: promocode value was not calculated
  • Change the option "Visible on front-end", "Yes" by default, when a new package was created.
  • Added new menu type for "Add Social Stream Ads"
  • Added option from back-end if logged Super User in front-end can add all type ads from front-end
  • Option for zones to open the "Advertise here" URL in the same page or in another page.
  • Fixed Bug: lose the page Itemid for Offline payments
  • New changes for Offline payment plug-in
  • Fixed Bug: the pending campaign has a wrong date time value
  • Added Auto Approve Advertisers option in backend
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