Auto Approvals

Save time by setting up auto approvals for advertisers, ads or campaigns. Great!

The Auto Approvals feature allows you to set up auto approvals for:

  • Ads
  • Advertisers
  • Campaigns

You can set the auto approvals globally for all advertisers or specifically for each advertiser. 

Auto Approvals

Registration Wizard

  • Allow advertisers to join and add banners and campaigns in one session. This guarantees the advertiser a seamless and user-friendly experience, which means a better conversion rate for you!

Registration Control 

  • Control which fields are mandatory.
  • Control which fields to show on the registration page.

settings registration

Unapproved Advertisers Allowed Actions

  • Choose to allow unapproved advertisers to:
    • Add ads/banners.
    • Start a campaign and/or buy a package. 

Approved advertisers have enough freedom to manage their advertising profile while leaving you with complete control over your site.

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