joomla advertising campaigns
Campaigns allow you to limit display of ads based on time, impressions or clicks

iJoomla Ad Agency allows you and your advertisers to create campaigns, which are a grouping of ads by one advertiser that are limited by clicks, impressions or time.

Both you and the advertiser can

  • Choose which ads to place in a campaign.
  • Select the start date and even pause the campaign, if necessary.
  • To ensure the integrity of the ads posted by advertisers on your site, no ad will be viewable by the public until you launch the campaign.

New Features (Added July 2012):

  • Advertisers can renew expired campaigns
  • Advertisers and admin can view campaign history
  • Advertisers can delete expired campaigns (these campaigns are still visible on back-end)
  • Admin can specify campaign end date



Campaigns Manager

campaign manager

Edit Campaign

edit campaign

Front End

"My Campaigns" page

Joomla campaign manager

Campaign Details Page

Campaign fron manager

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