Promo codes are a proven way to get more sales, including of advertising packages. It works! When someone is thinking about buying, a promo code is enough to drive a decision.

Let your advertisers know about your promo code in a newsletter, on Facebook, on Twitter and even on your site and you can expect to triple your sales!

Feature Details:

  • Limited/unlimited amount of promo codes.
  • Choose amount to discount based on % of fixed amount.
  • Choose the beginning and the end date that the promo code will be active.
  • See how many times the promo codes was used.
  • See how many promo codes are left.
  • Promo codes can only be lower case to avoid confusion by users.
  • If no promo codes exist, the promo code filed will not show on the front end
  • You can choose to not show the promo code field on the front end


  • Limit the promo code for no more than 72 hours and stick to it.
  • Announce your sale on your site and on an e-mail blast.
  • Keep the promo code simple. A promo code that's too long can be confusing. Use a word that makes sense, like "sale2012."


Promo code back-end

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Promo Code - Front End

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