I am over the moon with my website. Made with iJoomla components including News Portal, iJoomla SEO, Ad Agency, and Speed Test. I now have a website that is taking on our local newspaper and beating it. More people rely on my website for news than read the local newspaper.Soon the newspaper will put a paywall on their website giving me even more readers. My business is a one man band and returning a very healthy profit where a side banner costs NZ$1,000 + Tax. I currently have nearly 100 advertisers. Merav, Alin and the team have been vitally important giving 100% support and more! They still answer questions years after I purchased items. Now is the time to purchase some of these wonderful items and make yourself a wealthy person. I guarantee that, with a minimum of work, iJoomla will make you heaps of money as it has for me.

Max Patmoy


What I like about Ad Agency is the simplicity in installation, and management; ease of use by users; I opened several support tickets and I must say that the pre and post sales service is superb in my opinion is the only viable product in adv joomla.

Massimo Bertolucci


I have worked with Openx the last two years, but with each new version the perfomance down.

I have tried is better than Openx. The perfomance in server is better. And you can sell directly CPM,CPC and time based Campaigns to your advertisers.




:) AdAgency is one of the best components I have ever used. I can't wait to see how it's going to be like once Joomla 1.6 is released! Keep up the good work.

Wisdom Kamkondo Jr

I would like to thank Alin at Ijoomla for the great support I have received. The installation and setup of Ad Agency is quick and easy, and Alin was very helpful with a few queries that I had, and the response time was also very quick. I would recommend any of IJoomla components (I have used Ad Manager, News Portal, and Magazine) since these guys are there to support you in any way they can. They even take the time to answer your queries on the forum (which very few software developer companies are willing to do)

If I could give you guys 10 stars... I Would!

Keep up the good work!"


I really like it do exactly what was described in listing! Admin section is very clear. I was have small questions related with functionality but stuff reply very fast and support was extremely effective!

Thank you very much for your great product and professional support!


I have been using iJoomla AdAgency for just under a year. It can be found in use on my site www.newacademyguide.com. The product simply does what it says in the tin. With little configuration required (but available if you want), it allows ...the users of my site to easily advertise with little or no intervention from myself. Software should do as described with ease and with a good looking and clean interface - this is what AdAgency does.

Support from iJoomla has been excellent (but not really needed) - they provide a comprehensive and easy to follow manual and video guides. I now have advertisers signing up and earning me money from my site - the feedback I have received from them has been very positive about the experience.

I just wish that all Joomla extensions were as well designed, as easy to install and use and as elegant in design as iJoomla AdAgency

Henry Massey, Managing Director, ClystNet Ltd.

We recently had a client with requirements beyond the basic Joomla banner ads systems out there and iJoomla Ad Agency was a huge life saver. We thought we were going to have to hack some external system in but, with iJoomla Ad Agency, we didn't have too.

I client needed to have the ability for their clients to upload images, make payments with good reporting features. What we found out was that iJoomla Ad Agency did just that and more! Once we started using iJoomla Ad Agency, my client started using it to push ads out to their other sites. No other Joomla product that we know of does that. iJoomla Ad Agency saved our clients a lot of custom development time!

Eric Caldwell

Ad Agency is really fantastic and the best for me. There is no one like this. Easy to use - for advertisers and for me as admin. So much Ad Types (with banner rotation!) and Zones - also with JomSocial integration. Great. So much features like campaigns, payments, reports... Perfect. You can't find anything else.

Steffen Otte

iJoomla’s Ad Agency v1.6 is a must-have tool for anyone who manages advertisements. Its capabilities enabled us to implement ad management literally (and unbelievably) in a few hours. We’ve spent more time working on the ad images than setting up the administration of those ads. Which is the way life should be! Tools should allow you to focus on the task (selling ad space!), not on setup and management of the task.

iJoomla Ad Agency does that with flying colors. With a minimum of conceptual understanding iJoomla enabled us to get our ads up and running – and the few issues we had were promptly and expertly answered. iJoomla’s Ad Agency is a tool we can’t live without.

Jeffrey W. Hunter

If you are looking for an extension that will put ads on your site, look no further! iJoomla Ad Agency is a Joomla! Banner/Ads Extension designed to help publishers earn revenue by placing ads on their Joomla! sites. Advertisers can submit and upload their ads online, buy packages, start campaigns and run reports.

This is the most powerful ad tool out there for Joomla! We have used this for many of our clients. Want to know how much we love it? Watch our CEO, Steven Pignataro, talking about the product on the iJoomla site. It's a great component with great support. Got ads on the brain? Think iJoomla.

CorePHP.com Team


Great Product! Watch the video, less than 1 hr install, up and running with test ads on site on different pages in different positions.

William White