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Social Media Targeting lets you use all of the demographic data available on social media sites to shoot your ads directly to the people most likely to buy. This powerful method of advertising can easily be done with Ad Agency and our social networking extension JomSocial.

Target Any Ad Based on JomSocial Profile Info

  • Want to show your ads only to women?
  • Want to show your ads only to people with a college degree?
  • Want to show your ads only to women over 30 with a college degree?


Easy! Simple! Done.

It’s called “Social Media Targeting.”

What is Social Media Targeting?

Social Media Targeting lets you use all of the demographic data available on social media sites to shoot your ads directly to the people most likely to buy.

From Wikipedia:

Social Media Targeting is a method of optimizing social media advertising by using profile data to deliver advertisements directly to individual users. Social media targeting refers to the process of matching social network users to target groups that have been specified by the advertiser.

If Facebook Does it, So Should You

Ever notice how well the ads on Facebook match your interests? It’s creepy… like Facebook can read your mind.

Actually, it can read your profile.

Everyone on Facebook has a profile and that profile is packed with valuable information. It let advertisers be very specific about who sees their ads. Google has nothing that comes close. AdWords? That’s so five years ago. Social ads are what it’s all about now. It’s the secret to successful advertising and it’s what’s made Mark Zuckerberg a very rich man.

It’s Great for You Because...

When you can convince your advertisers that they can target the very best leads, you’ll find it easier to sell your space and for a lot more money!

After all, would you rather pay $100 for 5,000 useless clicks or $200 for 200 clicks that might actually convert?

It’s Great for Advertisers Because...

They don’t have to throw their hard earned cash on people who aren't likely to buy their products. They can be as specific as they want with their ad and target ONLY the people who are the most likely to turn into paying customers.

For example, when I advertise iJoomla.com on Facebook, I only show my ads to people who mention “Joomla.” I don’t want to pay for people to click on my ad unless they're using Joomla and may become customers.

Ad Targeting – The Secret of Your Advertising Program Success

If you want to sell advertising packages on your website, you need to offer content-targeted advertising. It’s the only way to be sure you’re monetizing your website in the most effective way possible.

Help Advertisers Choose You, Not Your Competition

To persuade prospective advertisers to advertise on YOUR site and not on your competitors’ sites, you have to convince them that their money will be well-spent.

You have to make them believe that they'll get back the maximum amount of revenue from their investment.

Here’s the advice your advertisers are likely reading online:

There are lots of websites and outlets online which offer internet advertising, but you should hesitate to take up even the best offer if it doesn’t provide you with targeted advertising. You might well pay more for targeted traffic but that’s because it is worth far more to you in the long run.” - Kontera.com

As you can see, advertisers are being advised NOT to advertise on any site unless it allows them to target their ads — smart advice!

You Can Charge More for Targeted Ads!

Targeted ads get more response than generic ads. We’ve seen it again and again and that value translates into higher prices.

You can charge 2-10 times more for targeted ads! Give your advertisers the ability to target their ads and your site will be much further down the road to serious financial success.

Seamless and Effective Integration

I know. You think integrating targeted ads is going to be a lot of work and the last thing you want is more work.

I get it. As an entrepreneur myself, I know you don’t want a bigger workload. So let me assure you that adding targeted ads is the easiest and most seamless integration you could ever hope for!

How Does It Work?

Select the JomSocial profile questions to include in ad targeting:

select which jomsocial fields to include

On the back-end, the admin can choose the ad’s targeting:

On the ad editing page, select who can see this ad

And on the front-end, advertisers can now choose the ad targeting, too:

On front end, advertisers can choose who can see the ad

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