What is iJoomla Ad Agency?

iJoomla Ad Agency is an advertising management system for Joomla sites. Site owners can create an unlimited number of advertising zones, packages and campaigns. They can also sell space for all ad types from banners to pop-up's, and earn money from advertising on their Web pages.

How Do Advertisers Sign Up to My Ad Agency?

They click on the "Advertise on This Site" link that's located on the Advertiser Menu module. They then fill out the application form and then wait for you to approve their application.

How Long Will It Take Me to Set It Up?

It will take you a few minutes to install the component and two modules. The PayPal payment plugin is installed automatically and all you have to do is to set the PayPal e-mail address. We also provide you with some default values to get you started fast, such as:

  • 1 advertiser
  • 1 campaign
  • 4 zones
  • 4 packages
  • You can easily edit/change/delete those default values.

Can Anyone Advertise on My Site?

Anyone can apply, but only you choose who will accepted as an advertiser. If you don't approve an advertiser, they can't start a campaign on your site or purchase advertising packages. This way, you can be sure that only advertisers who are a good match can advertise on your site. Compatibility between your site and the prospective advertiser is extremely important to the success of Ad Agency.

How Do Advertisers Add Banners or Ads?

Once approved, advertisers can login on the front-end and access the "Ads" link, where they have an option to add any type of ad. Each ad will have to be approved by you before it goes live.

What Is a Campaign?

Campaigns are servings of ads financed by clicks, impressions or time and you can create a campaign based on a selected package.

For example, if you have a package of 5,000 impressions, then you can create a campaign using that package. The campaign will expire when all 5,000 impressions are served. Advertisers can add a campaign on the front end, but they will have to purchase an advertising package first. A campaign goes live only after you approve it.

What Are Zones? How Do I Use Them?

A zone is a special module that contains one or more ads. The module is generated automatically when you add a zone. You can create as many zones as you want and place them in any module position available on your template. You can choose how many ads to show on each zone and what order it will show on the front end. Every zone you create is also a module that you can find and edit on the list of modules on your back-end interface.

Can Advertisers Upload Ads That Will Mess Up My Site?

They can upload any ad, but you can reject any ad that you think won't work on your site. Pay attention to the ad before you approve it and make sure you assign it to the right zone.

For example, if the advertiser uploads a 300x300 banner and you place it in on a zone in the right position of your template that's only 150px wide, it will break your layout. Instead, you can create a special zone for such a wide banner and place it in a sidebar or at the bottom of the page.

What Are Packages?

Packages are what advertisers pay for when they choose to advertise on your site. Packages can be one of three standard advertising models common on the Internet:

  • Cost Per Click - CPC
  • Cost Per 1000 Impressions - CPM
  • Flat Rate - Based on time: days, weeks, months or years

Once added, a package will be available on the list of packages on the front-end. Advertisers will be able to order it and pay for it online. You'll also be able to choose this package when you add a campaign.

Do you Offer Tutorials or a Manual?

We offer many ways for you to learn how to use Ad Agency:

  • A complete video course. You can see it here. This course id offered free to you when you purchase Ad Agency.
  • Video tutorials, linked from inside each feature on the back-end.
  • A comprehensive Manual.
  • Tool tips on each field on the back-end.

Ad Agency Is The Best Joomla Banner Component!

iJoomla Ad Agency is the ultimate advertising Joomla tool! You can add 7 types of Joomla Ads and Joomla Banner easily! This Joomla Ad Manager Module will generate a lot more money than any other solution such as Google Ad Sense.

Ad Agency is an open source Ad Management Joomla component that has been around for over 5 years. It is stable, powerful, user-friendly and yours for a very reasonable price.