Automatic E-Mails

Set up automatic emails to the admin/advertisers, to notify them on new ads, campaigns, etc.

automatic emails for admin and advertisersBecause we want your ad agency to be as simple as possible, system e-mails are automatically sent to you and your advertisers. For example, when a new advertiser signs up, you'll receive an e-mail notifying you so  you can approve or reject them.

Once approved, the advertiser will receive an e-mail and can then upload banners, purchase packages and create campaigns. Such automatic e-mails allow you to keep in touch with your advertisers as well as let them know the status of their ads and campaigns without you lifting a finger. iJoomla Ad Agency does it all for you.

Edit System E-Mails:

You have full control over the content of the automatic e-mails and you can edit each one and add/remove different variables to fit your needs. Each e-mail template has variables that are available for you to include inside the e-mail. Use these variables in the e-mail settings or on the subject line.

  • Emails to both admin and advertisers are available
  • Use any of the available variables for each email
  • Emails sent automatically for you, no need to worry about a thing!


Automatic Emails

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