Do you Offer Tutorials or a Manual?

We offer many ways for you to learn how to use Ad Agency:

  • A complete video course. You can see it here. This course id offered free to you when you purchase Ad Agency.
  • Video tutorials, linked from inside each feature on the back-end.
  • A comprehensive Manual.
  • Tool tips on each field on the back-end.

Is iJoomla Ad Agency Available for Joomla 3.x?

Not yet, but we hope to release it in June 2013. To read the latest status update, click here.

Does iJoomla Ad Agency Support SEF?

Yes. Versions 1.6.2 and newer support the following SEF:

  • AceSEF
  • Core SEF
  • sh404 SEF
  • SEF Advanced


What Types of Payment Methods Does Ad Agency Support?

You get a PayPal payment plugin free when you purchase. You can also purchase additional payment plugins here.

What Are Packages?

Packages are what advertisers pay for when they choose to advertise on your site. Packages can be one of three standard advertising models common on the Internet:

  • Cost Per Click - CPC
  • Cost Per 1000 Impressions - CPM
  • Flat Rate - Based on time: days, weeks, months or years

Once added, a package will be available on the list of packages on the front-end. Advertisers will be able to order it and pay for it online. You'll also be able to choose this package when you add a campaign.

Can I Use It On More Than One Domain?

Yes. However, we will only provide support to the domain name you registered at time of purchase.

Can I Make Changes to the Code?

The entire code is not encrypted (starting from May 11, 2010) and you can modify it as you wish.

What Knowledge Do I Need In Order to Use Ad Agency?

You should have a minimal knowledge of Joomla. That's it.

What Types of Ads Does Ad Agency Support?

Standard banners, Flash banners, text ads, pop-up, pop-under, transition and floating. You can read more about ad types here.

What If I Don't Like the Ad the Advertiser Uploaded?

Just reject it. The advertiser will get an automatic e-mail letting them know that their ad or banner was rejected.

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