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Ad Agency 5.0 Now Released!

Joomla Campaigns Advertising

Great news! Ad Agency 5.0 for Joomla 3.x has been released!

What’s new in Ad Agency 5.0?

Brand new, stunning admin interface

We completely redesigned the admin. It’s beautiful. It’s user-friendly. It will knock your socks off. Really!

Just check out the screen capture below:

Joomla Campaigns Advertising

Powered by Bootstrap

The entire front and back-ends are now powered by Bootstrap. They’re attractive, they’re flexible, they look great, and they just work. Perfect.

New & Responsive design

And because the front end is powered by Bootstrap, it’s now completely responsive. Both the issues and the author interface have been redesigned so that they work beautifully on every device in every size. The entire CSS has been optimized to be light and tight as possible.
Joomla Campaigns Advertising

New Toolbar

The advertisers now have a toolbar that allows them quick access to all pages relevant to them!

Joomla Campaigns Advertising

Table-less Design

All tables from modules have been stripped out! The design is entirely tableless and optimized!

Joomla Campaigns Advertising

New Modules Design

All the modules have been re-designed and look great!

Modules Installed Automatically

There's no longer a need to install Ad Agency modules! They are all installed automatically!

How to Download

How to Upgrade

  • Uninstall all the modules and the component
  • Install the new version

How to Buy

Note: This new version is compatible ONLY with Joomla 3.x!

Any comments? Please post them below!



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Monday, 20 March 2023


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