Here you can see what we will be working on next. We take most of our ideas from suggestions of our customers on our forum. If you have any suggestions, please post them here.

Phase 1 (Completed July 12th, 2012)

  • Subtitle for zones (View forum post) - Completed
  • Keywords targeting (View forum post)- allow advertisers to add keywords to ads on the front-end and support for all types of pages, not just articles - Completed
  • Image cropping and resizing so advertisers can use more of their images (without paying a designer) (View forum post)
  • End dates for campaigns and ads (View forum post) - Completed
  • Show Ad IDs on view page (user side) so admin knows what ads the clients are referring to (View forum post ) - Completed
  • Standard ads usability improvements (View forum post) - Completed
  • Renew, delete campaigns (View forum post) - Completed

Phase 3 (Est. time for completion: April 2013)

  • Conversion to Joomla 3.0
  • Bootstrap the backend and front end
  • Responsive design
  • New cPanel interface

Phase 2 (Est. time for completion: May 2013)

  • New package type: Time Inventory
  • Revamped reports with graphs
  • Orders/Invoices page for advertisers

Phase 4

  • A new package type named "Weighting" so advertisers can pay more per click in order to the more impressions / clicks (just like on Google Adwords) (View forum post)
  • More zone / module flexibility (View forum post)


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