Version 4.0.7

  • Fixed: jomsocial support bug fix
  • Fixed: some currency issues
  • Improved zones responsiveness, now empty zones are not visible on frontend

Version 4.0.6

  • fixed a bug with Geo Targeting for Canada regions.
  • fixed a bug were desktop interface was visible on mobile devices.
  • fixed a bug where content was disappearing when browser was re sized.
  • fixed a bug where deleted campaigns from front end were still available for banner adding.
  • fixed a bug where deleted campaigns were counted in front end.

Version 4.0.5

  • Ad Agency now works also without iJoomla Installer

Version 4.0.2

  • Added missing icons in backend at GeoTargeting.
  • Fixed a bug with the package preview when creating an campaign
  • Fixed a bug with the ad publishing date.
  • Fixed a bug where zones could not be selected when a new ad was created
  • Fixed a bug where a zone could be visible even though the banner did not respected the zone size

Version 4.0.1

  • Fixed a bug in frontend on profile page, Country and State selection: State couldn't be selected;
  • Fixed a bug in frontend: when an add was created the publishing date was incorrect;
  • Fixed a bug in frontend: when create a new campaign the date didn't respect the selected format from backend.
  • Fixed a css bug in backend: adagency menu bar have wrong background.
  • Added JomSocial positions to the zones position list.

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