Advertiser Menu

This module displays the menu for advertisers. The public can see this module too but only some of the links are active to the public.

Everyone Can See the Following Items:

  • Overview - This link takes them to your Overview Page where you can highlight all the reasons why they should advertise with you. You can read more about this page here.
  • Packages - This link takes them to your list of packages. You can set up your packages on the back-end via the Packages Manager. You can read more about packages here.
  • Register - This link takes them to the Advertiser Registration Form. You can fully control this form on the settings of iJoomla Ad Agency on the back-end. You can read more about it here.

Once an Advertiser Is Logged In, They Can See A Few Additional Links:

  • Control Panel - This link takes them to their control panel where they have easy access to different parts of your advertising program.
  • My Profile - This link takes them to their profile editing page where they can change their name, address and so on. However, they can't change their password or username. For that they'll have to access their regular Joomla account.
  • Ads - This link takes them to their list of ads/banners. They can see which ads are pending/approved/declined, add more ads, etc.
  • Campaigns - This link takes them to their campaigns. They can see the status of their campaigns (pending/approved/declined) and add new campaigns.
  • Reports - This link takes them to the Reports Page, where they can run real-time reports to see how their campaign is doing.
  • My Orders - This link takes them to their list of orders. Every time they purchase a package, the new purchase will be displayed here.

Menu Module Back-End:

On the back-end of this module, you can set the itemID associated with these pages. You can choose to carry the itemID from wherever you are at the moment or  set a static itemID that will determine which modules are being displayed on the advertiser's pages.


File name:

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