Seven Different Ad Types

iJoomla Ad Agency supports all major ad types: Standard Banners, Flash Banners, Floating Ads, Pop-Up and Pop-Under Ads, Ad Code and Text Ads.

Text Ads

A text ad is any advertisement using text-based hyperlinks. Because they don’t look like ads, text ads tend to have higher click through rates and…
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Affiliate Ads

Affiliate Ads contain code generated by a third-party such as an affiliate program. A good example is You can grab banners or text ads…

Pop-ups and Pop-Unders

A pop-up is an ad that appears in a separate window on top of content already on-screen. A pop-under is an ad that appears in a separate window…

Flash Banners

A Flash banner is a banner in SWF format, created using Macromedia Flash or other SWF generating software such as Swish.

Transition Ads

Transition ads are displayed over the site and take up the entire browser window. Users won’t be able to see the site unless they close the ad. You…

Floating Ads

Floating ads appear to drift over the page, much like a pop-up but without opening a new window. You can choose the ad’s size, colors, etc. Give…

Standard Banner

The most popular and widely used form of advertising on the web. A banner is a graphic image (static or animated) most commonly used for brand…

Select Which Ad Types Are Available

If you don't want to allow advertisers to add certain ad types, you can uncheck those ad types from the settings page and they won't have those options available to them.

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